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By completing this Award you will be able to:

  1. Complete a set lasting 1600 metres (either 16 x 100 metres, 8 x 200 metres, 4 x 400 metres) on a specific timed turnaround set by the teacher or coach (e.g. 2.30 minutes for 100 metres), focus on stroke technique and consistency.

  2. Swim 1500 metres continuously using one stroke.

  3. Perform a continuous 100 metre individual medley kick (4 x 25 metres) without using a kick board.

  4. Swim a continuous 200 metre individual medley (4 x 50 metres) using recognised turns.

  5. Perform a front crawl relay take over – as an incoming swimmer.

  6. Perform a front crawl relay take over – as an outgoing swimmer.

Octanauts 10

Whilst swimming in stage 10:

  • We work on the development of competitive swimming strokes and skills,

  • Working towards 1500m.

  • Octanauts 10 is our gold challenge group

gold challenge.jpg
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